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Advanced Level



  الطلبة والسادة أولياء الأمور   

 يسعدني أن يعتاد كلٌ من التلاميذ وأولياء الأمور على مراجعة هذه اللائحة يومياً أو عندما تقتضي الحاجة   للوقوف على ما يتعلّم التلاميذ في مادة العربي، وكذلك للإطلاع على النشاطات الأخرى في الصفوف

لهذا فإنني أرجو منكم التواصل معي من خلال الرسائل في أسفل الصفحة  و  أن تكتب اسمكوايميلك

وبعد ذلك تكتب الرسالة او السؤال الذي يدور في ذهنك.. و  أتمنى لكم

التوفيق ولأبنائكم النجاح في حياتهم   …والله من وراء القصد


Dear Students,

It’s my pleasure to have you in my classes at Aliman School . I encourage you at this level to read every night for about 10-15 minutes of any Arabic material and practice writing / reading.The teacher will provide you with some homework that needs to be done and submitted on time.

Arabic Classes and teacher expectations


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General directions

Students may communicate with the teacher for any help or need  in  ( Class/Home Work sheets) and other materials or any other assignments by Bloomz for quick response.

Parents to maintain a good communication to serve our children in Arabic , I would like to thank you in advance for your help and support our mission.
The Arabic Teacher gives his students every week new unit assignment class/home work sheet where that is due by Friday every week. Some students use to leave their packets in school or they lost it for any reason; Please ask your child about Arabic assignments and what did S/he learn in Arabic. 
Please set with your child and set with him/her up the goals for this academic year in Arabic.
 Please , should you parents or students have any concern,Request for a conference or any questions let me know by email and I will respond to you as soon as possible.
Thank you  

درس الأسبوع / العائلة و الأسرة العربية العربية

يتعرض التلاميذ في هذا الدرس إلى الأسرة العربية وواجبات أفرادها والعلاقة بين الأفراد وابناء العمومة والخؤولة والأقارب والبر والإحسان للوالدين
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وفي هذا الدرس يتعرض التلاميذ إلى أساليب لغوية وقواعد للكتابة العربية

  1-Students advised Read without hesitation and fluently.

2-Students are to write without or with minimum mistakes to the selected new vocabulary. Work on the homework packet along with memorization to the new vocab . Don’t Rush take your time and bring it back to your teacher.. Parents are requested to sign their children packet before submission .

3- Students are to practice using the theme to express their needs in presenting the theme in a similar real situation.

4- Students to be ready anytime for writing spelling quiz and reading.

5- Additionally, Students are advised to follow the instructions with regarding other assignments that requested whenever needed by the teacher in the classroom.

6- Students are hereby advised to have their textbook, notebook, small white board, other handout and Arabic materials all time daily.


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