Author: Maher

Mission Statement

Al-Iman School shall, provide an Islamic environment that offers quality education and leadership skills to develop global awareness and 21st Century skills...

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Classroom Procedures

PROCEDURES AND EXPECTATIONS Morning Procedures: Arrive to school on time at 7:45 AM. Hang backpacks/ jackets/ lunch boxes in your cubbies, then empty your homework in the assigned bins. Go to your seat for the Quran recitation, global news etc and start the morning work. Snack Procedures: Short break of 10-12 minutes will be allowed for bathroom and snack break. Bring a healthy snack for mid-morning break, no candies, sodas or chewing gum allowed. Healthy snacks will be available for sale in class.. Lunch Procedures: After a call from teacher, put books and other materials away. Follow the sunnah—sit quietly and...

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